Monday, August 30, 2010

first day of classes

So... I made it!  I survived my first day of optometry school!

* I learned that images through a lens can move with or against the movement of the lens depending upon whether the lens is diverging or converging.  (And how to create no movement by adding opposite powered lenses)
* I learned that my one-word definition for accommodation from undergraduate physiology is certainly insufficient - I guess I just underestimated how much work our eyes do to accommodate for changing focal points.
* I learned that I can pop an eye out of socket while in clinic... and if (when) I do, I must put it back in any way I can!  Yeah, we got to see a picture of that too.
* I've learned that about 25% of the adult population has eyes that will focus parallel light directly on the retina (emmetropes)... which was much higher than I thought it would be... and I'm very jealous of those people!
* Trial lens kits are the coolest things to play with - yes I'm a nerd!
* I have a schematic eye to practice with until I can play doctor using real eyes!  Can't wait!  Bring it on!!!

If you understood more than half of this, consider yourself a fellow nerd!

Now it's back to the books!  :)

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