Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tornado Day?

So we had snow days in Memphis, which was very odd, but now that it's tornado season, we're having a tornado day, and that's really strange.... well not exactly.  The power went out in many places from a bad storm we had last night.  SCO and the Eye Center at SCO did not have power this morning, so because of that we have no school.  Since we don't have any old school whiteboards in our classrooms, our teachers can present their lecture power points, so we can't have class.  It seems kind of ridiculous, but I had the day off to study and update this blog :)

The president, Dr. Phillips, kept updating us on the closing.  First it was, "closed until 10am", then, "closed until at least noon."  Finally, we got word from MLGW (Memphis Light Gas and Water), that for various electrical reasons that I don't understand, we wouldn't have power until at least 6pm.  Well, this all seems awesome, except I was supposed to have my final practical for Theory and Methods lab today from 4:15-5:00pm.  I have no idea where they're going to find the time in this busy end-of-the-semester schedule to fit in 12 students' make up final practicals!!

Here are some pictures I took walking around the neighborhood... storm aftermath!

Parking lot just outside my complex!  Huge tree, down!

Tree takes down fence and somehow, the top is sitting upside down on top of the house.

Fence down!     
 I also have some pictures from last weekend when I went home.  Somehow, most of them came out blurry, and considering I spent most of my time in the airport or in Alma's apartment thanks to the storm, I couldn't take many pictures.  Why do storms follow me???

We used to be RAs together in Bowen, and now she's the boss at NCSU's on campus apartments!!!  We also survived the storm together! :)

The current sisters gave alumni sweet shades (classic 80's style).  The sides of the glasses are orange with "Sigma Alpha Omega" written on them.  Thanks to the sisters for dinner at Natty Green's in downtown Raleigh.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brown Recluses [ufortunately] thrive in Memphis

The other day I noticed something unusual on the wall of our bedroom.  When I got a better look, I realized it was a spider of some kind - I don't like them at ALL.  So I called Tyler into the room to get rid of it.  He starts looking at it at first, curious as to what kind of spider it could be.  Then, he asked me to get him a glass.  Thinking the spider might be fast I found a plastic solo cup to give him instead.  He covered the spider with the cup, then used a piece of paper to slide under the cup and capture the spider.  After bringing the entire contraption to the kitchen, he said, "I wanted you to bring me a clear cup."  I soon figured out it was so that we could see him, but he would still be trapped.  So I got a wine glass, and Tyler switched the spider from the solo cup to the wine glass.  After taking another look, he went to his computer and looked up some pictures... his suspicions were confirmed.  I asked, "what kind of spider is it?"  and he said, " you don't want to know."  Instantly, I knew it had to be a brown recluse.  All of the people who live on Mud Island said they've seen them and had to get their apartment sprayed.  They're apparently rather common here.  Here is the picture

The violin-shaped dark brown spot on his head is the give-away.  I felt sick when I realized what it was.  But the next day we went to our complex's leasing office to tell them of our creepy-crawling find.  They said they would send out people the next day to spray.  We had to completely clear out all of our closets and under our bed.  Our apartment was an atrocious mess after this, but it gave us some time to take some things to good will and reorganize our closet space.

Anyway, school is going rather well.  I just took a test a Friday and a practical in Ophthalmic Optics yesterday.  Both went fine, I just have to wait for the results now.  I also have my final Theory and Methods practical on Wednesday and final exams start next FRIDAY!  From that Friday through the next Friday, we have 8 finals.  I'm so ready to be done and say that I'm a second year student (that's very surreal to me).  Anyway, I will keep you posted.

I went to Raleigh this past weekend for Sigma Alpha Omega's founder's day.  I will post pictures and a blog of that weekend soon.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun weekends in Memphis!

The weather is getting warm again, which means there's a lot to do in Memphis!  This weekend we went to a crayfish festival and then one of my friends at school had a cookout at his house. 

Yummy crayfish!       

Last weekend, I went with some girls who live out in Cordova to a Flying Saucer right down the street.  It's kind of nice when you live out east to do something closer to your neck of the woods.  There's a Flying Saucer downtown that's usually where people go, but sometimes it's nice to drive 5 minutes instead of 30 to a hang out! 

I also took the opportunity this weekend to put new NC State decals on my car (and Tyler's car).  We got them in the mail in a birthday package for me... which was back in October.  But around the cold and/or rainy weather plus busy schedules, we're JUST now getting around to doing it!  I definitely needed a new one because my block S was plain white!  The sun had bleached the color so much, and worse it was practically GLUED to the windshield.  So it took me a while to get the old one off (there are still some pieces stuck on the window), but at least the new one covers up some of the remaining pieces.

GO PACK!  And thanks mom and dad!   :) 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Learning to live my dream... one workshop at a time

I saw the same eye doctor religiously ever year since I was 6 years old.  There was something about going to the eye doctor that I didn't mind... and amazingly, actually enjoyed!  It was this enjoyment that lead me to consider the profession in the first place.  I wanted to be the individual giving the good feeling and ability to see clearly to future patients.  It's not until now that I've really had to start thinking about what I want my future practice to look like... and if I even want to go into private practice at all!

Tuesday we had an OPP meeting on "Marketing and Communication."  The doctor who came to speak with us had failed at 2 previous partnerships, then decided to start from scratch in his own private practice!  He showed us techniques and made sure we understood that a patients/customers return to a practice and appreciate it when they have a "good experience" with it.  He reminded us that if the experience is memorable, unique, and excellent, that patient's will not only return, but tell others about the practice.  In addition, they'll be willing to spend a little more money when they know they're spending it for the services of a doctor whom they trust.  He compared this notion of the importance of customer "experience" to Disney World - the company who's done everything right!  Finally, he showed us ways to implement that "good experience" into our practices and how to get our name out there in the community!  A very successful meeting indeed!

On Saturday of this same week, we had an optional workshop called, "Making Great Hires."  It was from 10am - 3pm, but they fed us lunch (very good incentive for poor graduate students), and it was some of the most valuable information I've received in a long time!  I don't have any business experience, so I had no idea what it would take to recruit, interview, hire, educate, and maintain an efficient, cohesive, and friendly staff.  After this workshop, I really feel like I have a foundational knowledge to start thinking about what the vision for my practice is and how I can implement that!  Free Chick-Fil-A and valuable information for my future career!  What better way to spend a Saturday morning instead of studying for Optics?

Anyway, I'm about to go type up some ideas for my vision of my future practice.  I will continue building on this vision as the next few years of optometry school quickly pass by me.  It's so hard to believe that in 1 year, I will be over in the clinic looking at real SCO Eye Center patients' crazy eyes!!!   I feel a step ahead of my competition already knowing that I've proactively thought about my future and took advantage of workshops to teach me about qualities of private practice that previously lead me do desire alternative modes of practice.  For example, I went to optometry school wanting to be the boss someday and then got scared of hiring, firing, managing, taking out more loans, being responsible for upgrades, etc.  So I decided I could graduate and work for an ophthalmologist, maybe do commercial optometry... basically anything that said, "the easy way out."  Now after going to some meetings and workshops, my spark is back!  I know I want to be in control of a practice so that I can really bring forth the ideas I have for running a stellar practice!  All I need now are those two little letters after my name that represent one of the most valued professions out there!

3 more years... :)