Sunday, August 29, 2010

orientation day 2- EQUIPMENT!

After another day of listening to professors and administrators, we finally got to get our equipment.  It's really exciting to have all these toys that I have no idea what they do!  It will certainly be a fun journey finding out!

We also got our books and course packs.  There are so many books and they were so heavy!  At least they gave us a nifty bag to carry them in and it came with a matching water bottle!

I start tomorrow, and I'm really nervous!  I can't believe my dream to become an optometrist has actually started, and in just under four years from tomorrow, I will have my O.D.!!

stereotypical doctor

Yes... those are all of my books for just the first semester!!  Check out the size of that clinical refraction book on the bottom!  I'm certainly going to be busy!
I have no idea what like 90% of this stuff does!  But it looks like fun!
My OWN trial lens kit!  Yes, I tried my prescription, and looked at some of the crazy lenses!  
Sweet "suitcase" with the Southern College of Optometry logo for me to carry my new toys!

Enjoy the pictures of my toys... and be jealous ;)  I know I'm an opto-nerd as our friend Joey (one of my classmate's fiance) calls us!

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