Friday, August 20, 2010


So we have gotten so much done while we've been here.  We visited the Pink Palace Museum, framed some pictures, arranged our entertainment center, bought an xbox, and began deciding on some real decorating for the apartment.  I've purchased some school supplies for my upcoming classes and I'm really excited.  I'm possibly the biggest nerd ever, because I'm probably the most excited about my new backpack that I got for only $17!  Below are some pictures of our first place and our adventures  :)

tyler's eagle and the basketball picture we are in hanging in our office :)
our living room entertainment center (40" tv, super nintendo, dvds galore, and xbox!)
our kitchen... red, black, and white... GO PACK!
the picture our friend Kevin painted for us as a wedding pressent
our bedroom.  it will look better soon- next project- get posters and refinish the furniture so it stands out against the white walls!

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