Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Weather in Memphis

It's been raining like CRAZY here in Memphis.  Typical summer storms about every other night.  Last night in particular was an epic storm.  We decided to sit in a church parking lot by our apartment to watch the lightning!  I took a video!!

The video is about 2 minutes long and there's a lot of lag time between bolts.  However the few that I captures on video are totally worth waiting for!

After the video it started to downpour and we had to drive very slow on the way home just to see a few feet in front of us!  When we got home, we sat on the futon in our sunroom, looked out the window and watched some awesome cloud-to-cloud lightning.  Some of the bolts had some many branches coming off of them it was ridiculous.  I wish I had gotten a video of those bolts, but I didn't.

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