Wednesday, September 1, 2010

loving being an eye NERD!

Well, as the title says, I'm loving my time at Southern so far.  It's certainly difficult stuff, but I love being around people who find the eye equally as fascinating as I do and who all have similar work ethics!  For the first time in my life, school is not just for a grade in the eyes of both the students and the instructors.  It's wonderful and everyone is so helpful!  I've had the time of my life while learned some new terminology :)

I'm an anisometrope but not an antimetrope.  Both are conditions of ametropia, which is anything other than emmetropia (or the lucky ducks with perfect vision).... yeah!  haha

40 is apparently "old" in the world of optometry because that's the golden age of presbyopia (and I'm over half way there!) - don't worry, I still think 40 is very young!

By age 65, accommodation is apparently non-existant... good money for optometry, but not what I want to struggle with when I'm old... so someone figure out a way to change the hardening of the lens PLEASE!

The world through a rotating cylindrical lens is the coolest thing ever... or maybe the most un-sturdy ;)

I can tell if someone's lenses are plus or minus without knowing the prescription of the lenses (yeah optics)

Due to First Pass Metabolism, oral dosages are higher than injected doses.  The small endoplasmic reticulum found in liver cells gets rid of ingested toxins!  The cells are still one of the most fascinating components of biology.

The human heart becomes very large in a morbidly obese person because it has to work hard to pump blood throughout the body.  The results parallel lifting weights: few reps of high weight increases bulky muscle mass, but low weight with many reps increases lean muscle mass.  Therefore, a large heart is not a healthy thing.

Lysosomes filled with undigestible material eventually form lipofuscin.  An example is drumen, or the yellow dots seen in macular degeneration.

Just like last time... if you understood half of this, you're definitely a nerd... like me!  :)

Tomorrow night we will have a BBQ dinner (stereotypical Memphis) to meet our advisors!   I've heard from other students that mine is really sweet, so I'm super excited to meet her.

Southern College of Optometry is simply the best school to be receiving my optometric education!  I'm ready to keep learning about the eye and how to be a great doctor!  

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