Thursday, March 1, 2012

Keep Calm and Love Spring Break!

So obviously, it's been a hectic semester for me judging by how much I haven't been keeping this blog up.  I've hit highs and lows throughout the semester.  With our turn to start in clinic beginning in just a few months reality is beginning to sink in.  Optometry is quickly fading out of the dream phase and emerging as a reality.  It just brings to life the saying that "everything is easier said than done."  It was easy to say that I wanted to be an optometrist when I was in college, and knowing my personality, it was easy to say that I could handle the work load.   All of this still remains true; however, I'm starting to learn more about my ability to deal with pressure and make important decisions.  It's certainly challenging for me, but I'm continuing to lean on the Lord for support through the struggles.  Overall, I can proudly say that I'm doing quite well, but there have been a few bumps in the road.  Nonetheless, I constantly remind myself that C=OD, and God called me to be an optometrist for a reason.

Amongst the stressful semester, we are given a wonderful God-sent week, called Spring Break!  I currently have 3 more days, but I'm thankful for the time away from school.  I've used this week to do crafts , get doctor's appointments, and be able to cook real meals (not lean cuisines!) for dinner.   Here are some pictures of my progress :)

This was actually done before spring break, but I finally got it hung up.  Thank God I always know where my keys are now! :)  [Project Idea via Pinterest]

Banana Bread made with apple sauce and honey instead of sugar and oil!  So good, and much better for you! :)

Shadow box of our wedding keepsakes!

Wreath made from strips of fabric.  SO CUTE!  [Project Idea via Pinterest]

Close up of the beautiful wreath.  I'm so happy with how it turned out!
 Currently, I'm working on binding all of our wedding cards in a cute way.  Unfortunately, the single hole punch I picked up at Office Max was no a hole punch, but a star punch :(.  I will need to go exchange that, but I'm kind of tired from running a million errands.  That task will need to get done tomorrow. 

Finally, I have a hair appointment on Saturday.  I'm just planning to get it cut with layers and whatnot.  I'm trying to grow my completely natural-colored hair out because it's naturally a little darker than when I usually highlight it, but if I try to dye it that way, it will fade to a reddish strawberry blonde color that I'm not a fan of on me.  When I get it cut, I will hopefully post a picture. 

I'm so happy to be on spring break and have the time to sleep, be a house wife (cook and clean), and run errands when the stores a slightly less busy.  Maybe one day in the future, I can stay at home - who knows. 

Missing everyone in NC.  XOXO

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