Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Announcement: Shaping up my blog!!

Okay.  So I've been thinking recently of adding something unique to my blog, so that it's a little more than just an online journal that my friends and family can read.  I have a vision for it to have some helpful hints along the way (which would be something to hold me accountable as well). 

So here is my proposition.  A bi-monthly post entitled, "Delicious and Nutritious" (unless I come up with something more creative before my first post).  Each post will include the following:
  1.  A recipe suggestion for one healthy breakfast option, lunch option, and snack option, and two healthy dinner options.
  2. A Work Out Challenge (i.e. Run at least a mile once a week for the whole month) or sharing a cool work out that I've found online. 
  3. Choose one disease and how nutrition helps it, including a recipe that would be good for that condition (i.e. gluten-free, diabetes, etc.) 
  4. My Healthy Lifestyle Wishlist!  Here I will post some cool product or piece of workout equipment that I really want.  And because it's a "wishlist," I can be as frivolous as I want.  :-D 
  5. Fun Health Fact - I will do my research and find out something awesome to share with everyone
  6. Something to make everyone smile.  I say that laughter everyday is what keeps the doctor away (no offense to the apple).  So in this section I will post some kind of joke, cute picture, funny story... you know, something that will give you a smile!  Stay Happy Everyone! 
I'm so excited to expand on a new facet of my creativity.  Nutrition was one of my minors at NC State, and I really am passionate about it.   The stress of school has created in me a terrible monster that is setting a bad example for anyone looking to me for nutritional advice.  Therefore, my hope is that entering a post about nutrition twice a month, I can hold myself accountable and live a healthier life!  I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I know I will enjoy making it!!! 

** Promise: It WILL be my next post! **

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