Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reaction towards the Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

Okay.  So I tried them this morning with Tyler.  In our opinion, WAY LESS sugar substitute is needed.  They were seriously WAY to sweet, and if I'm saying that, the rest of the world can't stand them.  I also think they need to be cooked much longer than you would think per side.  They were still really doughy when we ate them.  In all honestly, I don't know if they're worth another shot.  However, I think I will cut the ingredients in half to try everything over again for tweaking and playing purposes.  I think there's a lot of potential there, but this time, they just didn't have the taste I was hoping for. 

Notes on almond milk:  It's actually pretty good, but I feel like regular milk is just FINE.  Jamie uses almond milk in practically all of her recipes, and to be honest, I've been wanting to try a milk substitute for a while, just to see what all the buzz was about.  It tastes pretty good, and yes it has way fewer calories, BUT the protein level is so low!  I know most of the body building people are adding whey protein and branched-chain amino acids through supplementation, but I think regular dairy (skim milk, low fat yogurts, and low fat cheeses) and lean meats are wonderful protein sources!  I do find it interesting to look into their lifestyle though.  :)


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