Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fasten your seatbelts... it's a bumpy ride til May!

We got to dive right back into the swing of things after our break today with a test in Contact Lens.  I think it went pretty well for me, which is usually the case with Dr. Jackson's tests.  One of the things I've learned in optometry school is that there are teachers you jive with and teachers that you don't.  Dr. Jackson is one of those teachers who I can think like while I'm taking the test.  I feel like that's a common phrase amongst SCO students: "You just have to think like Dr. ______."  Usually, I fail epically at this skill, but for some reason I'm fine in Dr. Jackson's classes.

Overall this semester is going well!  It's hectic because there's a lot of assignments and tests.  We don't get many breaks, and the material is dense, but it's definitely more clinically relevant and slightly more interesting to study.  I'm just praying that I can keep the motivation and find the time to prepare for the most important practical of our careers as students - pre-clinic checkouts!  I practiced once over the break, but I definitely need to put more time in.  I can do all of the skills, they just take more than our allotted time for me to perform.  But you know what they say: Practice makes perfect!

I got to finish some more projects over the end of my spring break last week!  Here are some pictures.

So I realized that I forgot the cake topper, so here is the shadowbox with the cake topper... however, it will need to be redone, because the cake topper was too heavy for the Velcro.  It fell down the next day - busting out the superglue to fix it soon! 

Booklet of all our wedding cards.  Bound creatively instead of just stored in a gift bag and tucked away.  [Idea via Pinterest]

Tyler's Birthday card for his 24th birthday!  

So yes, Tyler's birthday was March 5th.  Because the majority of students went out of town for the break, we were unable to do anything like a party at our apartment.  However, we went out to Dinner at Chili's (with a gift card), and we had a nice (VERY filling) dinner.  We hadn't gone out to eat in a while, so it was a nice treat for us.  I got him a wrist watch, which will look nice and professional for him as he continues through his careers.  I also made Reece's Cup Martinis!  I found the drink recipe on Pinterest (this blog is beginning to make me sound a little obsessed, but otherwise, my life would be a rut).  Here is the link for the blog where I got the recipe: Reece's Peanut Butter Cup Martini  And here's how we improvised since we didn't have a mesh strainer for the infused vodka....

That's right.  We used the coffee pot to filter out the peanut cup infused vodka!  The finished product was delicious!!  I will definitely be trying more drink recipes with infused vodka in the future!  After this "bar tending" success, I started thinking that it would be fun to have a drink exchange night.  Kind of like a cookie exchange (the popular holiday event), or a pot luck dinner, friends would bring a drink to share and hand out the recipes for making the drink at home!  I think it would make for a really fun girls night!  [Already starting to plan this one out in my head as I type... always multi-tasking]

So that's that.  Hugs and Kisses all the way from Memphis!

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