Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quick Picture Update

Hey friends! 

It's been a little crazy this week, but after incorporating weight training into my working out and trying to be very mindful of eating healthy, I've been in better moods about everything.  I just wanted to share some quick pictures to give some updates.

On Saturday Omega Delta hosted its annual Dodgeball tournament.  One team was short a few players, so they asked Tyler to play!  He was so excited even though he wasn't exactly dressed for the occasion in his jeans.  Here are some pictures from the day.

I think Tyler actually just got out in this picture, oops

Another team getting ready to take some people out

hurry to grab the dodge balls


Next, I'm so excited to say that on Sunday, I was able to Skype into my sister's gender reveal party.  She's having a baby girl!  I'm so, so, so happy, and cannot wait to be an aunt.  I decided to send her a card since I couldn't make it out saying congratulations.  You can see a picture of it below.  I'm loving my Silhouette machine.  I wish I had more time to really play with it though (i.e. messing around on the internet to see other tips and whatnot).  Oh well.  As for now, I'm using it to cut out shapes for me, and that's GREAT!

Finally, I ordered the COOLEST thing (subjectively in my opinion of course) from  It's a sticker for the back of my macbook pro... and get this, it's Yoshi from Mario hehe.  Here's that picture.

Tell me that's not the coolest thing you've ever seen!!!  Hahahaha
 Unfortunately, this took me way too long to put on because I didn't find the instructions until after I tackled it the hard/impossible way.   But nonetheless, my determination allowed me to succeed and Yoshi is eating the apple (te-hehe). 

Anyway... back to studying!  Later!

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  1. I LOVE Yoshi! That is just adorable! And you will just love being an aunt! It's hard living far away from them because the grow so fast, but it's still amazing!