Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Keeping up as an OD student

I had my first day of work study yesterday, and getting ready to head to my second day in about 15 minutes.  It's pretty low key considering most people who enter have badges, so I don't need to check them in.

I am working really hard to keep up with classes.  There's a lot of reading, and a ton of tests coming up.  I have so much terminology to learn and I've just been using to make online flashcards for myself.

I've got different types of ductions, versions, vergence, and phorias to rememeber.  Plus all the names of muscles that control eye movement and and the cranial nerves that control those muscles.

We looked at a bunch of ocular anatomy slides in my anatomy lab today.  It was really neat to see how the glands and muscles looked on a microscopic level.  It was also amazing to see the different layers of the retina on the slide.  We're going to go more in depth with this ocular anatomy later, so we'll look at those parts in greater detail, but it was still good to get an overview.  My favorite is how the iris looks, and being able to see the tiny projections from the ciliary body called zonules that connect to the lens.  I can't wait until we actually get to dissect an eye to really see all the parts in 3D.

We got to see virtual and real images in our optics lab yesterday using a screen a light source and a lens.  The lens was set up between the light source and the screen and we had to figure out where the image was using the screen.  It definitely helped in understanding virtual images.

I have my first appointment at the eye center tomorrow.  I hear it takes a really long time, because students are doing all the procedures, but that's okay.  I must be patient because that will be me in a couple of years.  I honestly just need contact lenses, so I can't wait to get in there and get my Rx figured out!

Until next time  <3  :)

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