Monday, September 6, 2010

updates from the student

So I've had a nice day off so far.  I got to sleep in and make a yummy french toast breakfast for me and the hubby.  We tried to go out to learn to drive a stick shift, but I'm really impatient with myself and I get very frustrated every time I kill the car.

I spent the rest of my time today listening to lectures online, finishing my reading for Optics and working on practice problems for theory.  There's a ton of material to keep up with, so I'm trying really hard to stay on top of things.

Tomorrow I kick back into full gear for the week with class from 7:45am-12:00pm, meeting with my advisor at 1:15pm, Optics lab at 1:30pm, and work study from 4-5pm.

I'm really enjoying what I'm learning but it's becoming a little more than I can handle sometimes.  My favorite class is still Theory and Methods.  It's the most relevant to what I've seen as a technician and we get to play with our awesome equipment in lab.  I'm trying to practice with my retinascope everyday to work on neutralizing powers.  Honestly, the most difficult part in that process is calibrating the schematic eye.  It's also neat to have to establish a working distance for your entire career; it's exciting to really see how what I'm learning now will be used all the time in my practice.  My working distance for my short self is 50cm.

I'm also learning how distances for anything in practice is crucial or the wrong prescription will be given to a patient.  That makes me want to apologize to the doctors for potentially taking very poor visual acuities when not paying attention to how far away the patient was from the near point card or the Snellen chart.

Other than that life at school is steady.  I get the second Wednesday of every month off, so this Wednesday I don't have classes.  I still have lab in the afternoon, but no classes. :)

Super jealous of my family who get to travel down to Florida THIS weekend for the NC State vs. UCF game!  I'm very excited for Wolfpack football after our win this past weekend against WCU.  Tyler and I got to watch the game on our computers using!  :)  It was fun to watch the game, but it certainly made us homesick.   It's nice to know that we can watch the games if we want to though!  GO PACK!!

Until next time, I'll be practicing with my retinascope!

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