Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tornado Day?

So we had snow days in Memphis, which was very odd, but now that it's tornado season, we're having a tornado day, and that's really strange.... well not exactly.  The power went out in many places from a bad storm we had last night.  SCO and the Eye Center at SCO did not have power this morning, so because of that we have no school.  Since we don't have any old school whiteboards in our classrooms, our teachers can present their lecture power points, so we can't have class.  It seems kind of ridiculous, but I had the day off to study and update this blog :)

The president, Dr. Phillips, kept updating us on the closing.  First it was, "closed until 10am", then, "closed until at least noon."  Finally, we got word from MLGW (Memphis Light Gas and Water), that for various electrical reasons that I don't understand, we wouldn't have power until at least 6pm.  Well, this all seems awesome, except I was supposed to have my final practical for Theory and Methods lab today from 4:15-5:00pm.  I have no idea where they're going to find the time in this busy end-of-the-semester schedule to fit in 12 students' make up final practicals!!

Here are some pictures I took walking around the neighborhood... storm aftermath!

Parking lot just outside my complex!  Huge tree, down!

Tree takes down fence and somehow, the top is sitting upside down on top of the house.

Fence down!     
 I also have some pictures from last weekend when I went home.  Somehow, most of them came out blurry, and considering I spent most of my time in the airport or in Alma's apartment thanks to the storm, I couldn't take many pictures.  Why do storms follow me???

We used to be RAs together in Bowen, and now she's the boss at NCSU's on campus apartments!!!  We also survived the storm together! :)

The current sisters gave alumni sweet shades (classic 80's style).  The sides of the glasses are orange with "Sigma Alpha Omega" written on them.  Thanks to the sisters for dinner at Natty Green's in downtown Raleigh.

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  1. I hate I missed you last weekend! Maybe this summer we can catch up! On a side note, Im glad you made it through the storms...they are heading my way.