Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun weekends in Memphis!

The weather is getting warm again, which means there's a lot to do in Memphis!  This weekend we went to a crayfish festival and then one of my friends at school had a cookout at his house. 

Yummy crayfish!       

Last weekend, I went with some girls who live out in Cordova to a Flying Saucer right down the street.  It's kind of nice when you live out east to do something closer to your neck of the woods.  There's a Flying Saucer downtown that's usually where people go, but sometimes it's nice to drive 5 minutes instead of 30 to a hang out! 

I also took the opportunity this weekend to put new NC State decals on my car (and Tyler's car).  We got them in the mail in a birthday package for me... which was back in October.  But around the cold and/or rainy weather plus busy schedules, we're JUST now getting around to doing it!  I definitely needed a new one because my block S was plain white!  The sun had bleached the color so much, and worse it was practically GLUED to the windshield.  So it took me a while to get the old one off (there are still some pieces stuck on the window), but at least the new one covers up some of the remaining pieces.

GO PACK!  And thanks mom and dad!   :) 

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