Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brown Recluses [ufortunately] thrive in Memphis

The other day I noticed something unusual on the wall of our bedroom.  When I got a better look, I realized it was a spider of some kind - I don't like them at ALL.  So I called Tyler into the room to get rid of it.  He starts looking at it at first, curious as to what kind of spider it could be.  Then, he asked me to get him a glass.  Thinking the spider might be fast I found a plastic solo cup to give him instead.  He covered the spider with the cup, then used a piece of paper to slide under the cup and capture the spider.  After bringing the entire contraption to the kitchen, he said, "I wanted you to bring me a clear cup."  I soon figured out it was so that we could see him, but he would still be trapped.  So I got a wine glass, and Tyler switched the spider from the solo cup to the wine glass.  After taking another look, he went to his computer and looked up some pictures... his suspicions were confirmed.  I asked, "what kind of spider is it?"  and he said, " you don't want to know."  Instantly, I knew it had to be a brown recluse.  All of the people who live on Mud Island said they've seen them and had to get their apartment sprayed.  They're apparently rather common here.  Here is the picture

The violin-shaped dark brown spot on his head is the give-away.  I felt sick when I realized what it was.  But the next day we went to our complex's leasing office to tell them of our creepy-crawling find.  They said they would send out people the next day to spray.  We had to completely clear out all of our closets and under our bed.  Our apartment was an atrocious mess after this, but it gave us some time to take some things to good will and reorganize our closet space.

Anyway, school is going rather well.  I just took a test a Friday and a practical in Ophthalmic Optics yesterday.  Both went fine, I just have to wait for the results now.  I also have my final Theory and Methods practical on Wednesday and final exams start next FRIDAY!  From that Friday through the next Friday, we have 8 finals.  I'm so ready to be done and say that I'm a second year student (that's very surreal to me).  Anyway, I will keep you posted.

I went to Raleigh this past weekend for Sigma Alpha Omega's founder's day.  I will post pictures and a blog of that weekend soon.


  1. So jealous you got to go to Raleigh! Did the tornadoes affect your trip at all?

  2. Unfortunately, they did. All of my flights were delayed :( and I got to spend my time Saturday that I wanted to walk around campus for old times sake in Alma's apartment. Oh tornadoes!