Tuesday, November 6, 2012

to get it off my chest

I just want to say that I wish we could vote on issues, not individuals, and I wish the electoral college didn't exist.

I had a really difficult time picking a candidate this year.  I am conservative, but slightly more left on the scale - moderate-ish if you will.  I agreed with each candidate on certain issues, making it very challenging to have a solid opinion regarding my vote.  I considered writing in my top choice, but I didn't want to waste my vote, so I voted for the individual that agreed with my stance on the issues closest to my heart.  This time of the year is just so challenging because I feel like I'm voting for the lesser of two evils.  I also never feel like my efforts to be fully informed work out to my benefit because so many political ads, and arguments in debates, are lies.  At least my core values are my core values, and no man (or woman) in office can change that.   

On a more important note, I don't understand why we have electoral votes.  The election should not be over yet.  Votes are still coming in.  It should be over when everyONE's individual vote is counted towards to vote of the American people.  It disgusts me to know it's possible to win the popular vote and not the presidency.

At least I voted, so I have the right to complain... ;)  

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