Monday, January 23, 2012

Crafty before the crash!

So word on the street is that this semester is the hardest semester of our entire career as optometry students.  I've been trying to get some crafting and major cleaning done before things start getting too crazy.  I'm slowly getting back into the swing of school while also getting everything organized and created!! :) 

Here is the necklace holder I made with MAJOR contributions from Tyler's mom, Susanne, and my dad!!  Tyler's mom and I picked out the frame, painted it, and "weathered" it with some craft stain.  Then my dad put the rods on the back with nails hammered in to the hold my necklaces.  It looks GREAT and I'm really happy with how it turned out and how it keeps all my long necklaces organized and tangle free!  A big thanks to everyone involved in helping me!!!  The canvas I rested on top was one that I made in college.  I love the Bible verse!

I've also been going crazy with card-making using my new Silhouette machine that I got for Christmas!!!  I'm working on them for a very belated Christmas present for my grandmother (handmade stationary!).  Eventually, it will all get done, and I will send her a fun package!  Here are some of the new cards I've made!!

There are 2 more projects that I'm hoping to have done before the end of the month.  One is a key holder.  This project I'll have to just post a pic of when I'm done because it's kind of hard to explain.  The second is a shadow box full of keepsakes from our wedding (invitations, matches, programs, etc.).  I'm excited to get these done and display them!

The semester is starting off pretty well.  We have lots of quizzes, and I'm a little stressed that by the end of this semester, I will be traveling out of the country followed by coming back to the clinic in Memphis seeing actual patients (as opposed to students) for the first time!!  It's surreal!  Sometimes, I still feel like I'm about to graduate from undergrad - looking at schools and dreaming of becoming an optometrist.  But actually being in school changes the playing field a TON!  I'm ready for the challenge, because I know that I'm not alone.  I have a great circle of support from friends and family, and of course, God will NEVER leave my side!! 

Well, I gotta run.  Got lots of reading to do before lab in the morning!  Until next post, God bless!!!

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