Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pre-finals slump

Okay, so I'm not going to lie.  Being many hours and miles away from friends and family while attempting to pursue professional school is slowly draining me.  I've been on such an emotional roller coaster this week, that it's making me more and more ready for Christmas break by the second.  Monday was our first day back from break and I had a practical in my pediatric optometry lab.  It went well, so that was good, but was a nerve-wrecking way to come back from the Thanksgiving break.  I also haven't been sleeping well at all this week.  I don't really know why, I think there's just a TON of things on my mind between FCO fundraisers, finals, and Christmas preparations; I'm just a little overwhelmed.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a long day, but my Wednesdays always are.  I don't get out of class until 5:20, and then I wanted to get home to run some errands - especially the grocery store!  We were running low on some staple food items and I had to pick up prescriptions, so I felt like I was just running all over the place and didn't get home until late.  Tyler also has class on Wednesday nights and doesn't get home until 10pm.  So Wednesdays are just rough.  I figured it would be great when he started classes because I could have more time to study; however, with the days being so short, I just want to veg out when it gets dark.  The last thing I want to do when the sun goes down is study, and now the sun goes down by 4:30.  I can't stand winter.  The only thing I like about it is that Christmas happens during the winter season.

Finally, my biggest downer was my practical today.  I just had a really rough day.  It's hard the way they have to grade things, and I didn't feel as prepared as I wanted to going into it.  I'm not worried about failing, but I know I can do better.  Performing poorly on a practical is more defeating because, in my opinion, those are the "tests" that really determine how well you will perform as a doctor.  I just need lots of encouragement, and the practicals are so cut throat.  I think I'm struggling because there have been so many new skills to learn this semester that practically all require one's eyes to be dilated in order to practice.  I don't really mind being dilated, and as a class we're all willing to help each other out, but what I can stand is driving home dilated in the dark!  All the head lights have halos in a star-burst pattern that blur into each other.

However, there was plenty of good events to happen throughout the week, so we can end on a good note.  My best friend since 3rd grade (yup!) got engaged on Tuesday night!  I'm so, so happy for her and her new fiance.  I've known this girl since we jumped over our backpacks waiting for the school bus in elementary school.  She's been such an encouraging friend who has challenged my walk with the Lord and held me accountable whenever necessary.  She knows my secrets and I love her to death.  While this news was certainly the most exciting (so I had to tell it first), I'm equally excited, and honored, to have been asked by her tonight to be her Matron of Honor!  She will also have a maid of honor, so I cannot wait to share in the planning with her sisters and friends!  The exciting news is definitely making it difficult to be so far away, but I pray that the Lord grants me the time and the finances to be able to be very actively involved in this celebratory time as the one who will be standing right next to my very best friend on the most exciting day of her life.

Another happy thought: we're definitely going to Arequipa, Peru for our mission trip this coming May with FCO (Fellowship of Christian Optometrists)!!  I'm super pumped because I studied abroad in Peru, but did not get the chance to see the city of Arequipa while I was there.  The Lord was certainly calling me to go on a missions trip this year, so I'm very excited to see how everything unfolds.  He is already starting by providing us with very rewarding fundraising events!  A little while ago we had a 2-day bake sale and earned a little over $200.  This morning we had a Chick-Fil-A breakfast sale and raised $350!!  Next week, we are having a 2-day silent auction where mission team members will be making craft items for auction.  I have made 2 sets of 6 handmade Christmas cards, and some Christmas-themed coasters (still working on the final touches on these things).  This weekend, I'm going to try to make a couple more ideas I found from pinterest.  Here are the pictures... I hope they turn out pretty!  (Prayers on this note are totally accepted!)
Painted cookie sheet (cheap one from dollar tree) decorated with some scrapbook paper.  Instant magnetic board for holding recipes or notes!

This is my absolute favorite!  Puff paint on a clear ball ornament with googly eyes in the middle of the puff paint!!!  I so have to try it!  I think it would certainly sell well amongst the eye nerds of SCO!

Anyway - sorry this post was mega long.  I'm just having a hard time describing how I feel.  There are so many things going on and my mind really is in a million different places.  Thank you to everyone back home for your prayers - I really do appreciate it.  And I'm thankful for everyone who takes time to read this blog.  If you take time to know what's going on in my life, you really do care for me.  :)


  1. You can do it Kim! You are one of the most driven and motivated people I know. I feel the same way, the end of the semester is getting to me too. You will be in my in my thoughts during these last few weeks, we can make it I know we can!

  2. Praying for you during this season sweet friend. I'm so excited for your trip back to Peru! I really want to go on a mission trip too, I just need to find an organization to go with. Good luck with finals, you will do great!