Monday, July 18, 2011

Our 1 Year Anniversary!

Yesterday, July 17, 2011 was our very first anniversary!  1. I can't believe it's already been a year, 2. It was nice being able to celebrate a true anniversary - not a "month-iversary", and 3. I just love the idea of such a significant first!!

I want to start out with a trip back in time to remember our big day!  I got this idea from a good friend Anna who did this on her blog for her 3 year anniversary with her husband (Congrats again!!).  One year ago we said, "I do," and here is a little re-cap:

Getting my makeup done! 

Mothers will always love dressing up their daughters
Thanks for coming to see me :)
Getting ready!

Daddy walking me down the aisle!
Tyler's Reaction  :)

Lighting the unity candle.

Close up of the unity candle.  Special candles from a store in Blowing Rock.  There are these cute little shops close to "my second home" - so special for me :)
First kiss

First dance

Kiss for "Cinderella" after father-daughter dance to "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman
mother-son dance

centerpiece floral arrangement

toasting - Tyler held up my sister's speech because her hands wouldn't stop shaking.  So sweet and hilarious! 

Best Man speech.

Couldn't believe Tyler's dad remembered the day I stomped the boys playing a pinball game at his house.  Guess I left an impression ;)  What a wonderful speech from the father-of-the-groom

How many people can say they weren't the first to cut their wedding cake?  This woman's hands were shaking terribly while explaining how she'd never done this before - obviously!  Haha.  Flukes then make for funny memories later :)

Our turn!  The cake was dark chocolate with a raspberry filling... and it was actually VERY delicious after being frozen for a year!

Yes, this was the name of our sweetheart table.  Other tables were named after important places or things of our relationship (Example: Sanderson = our high school where we met, Aladdin = our favorite Disney movie, Wolfpack = obvious, etc.)
Mom will always take care of her daughter!

So - there were people on the driving range at the country club where we had the reception.  One nice golfer let us borrow his driver and shoot a few golf balls.  So much fun!

My favorite picture of the day

Wolfpack table guests showing their pride!  (Michelle and I are showing some spring break pride... haha)

Sigma Alpha Omega sisters at the wedding.  Those in black dresses with corsages were guestbook attendants :)
Bubbles for farewell!

I don't think I'd ever seen a down pour like that day in my life - I hope that's good luck and/or good fortune =)

One year later, we decided to celebrate by driving to Cincinnati, OH to go to King's Island theme park.  I hadn't been to a theme park in about 4 years, so it was definitely a ton of fun.  In addition, we hadn't been to an amusement park together - good time for another first!  Here are some pictures from the trip.
In front of the tower at the entrance to the park.  We didn't have time to go inside - too many rides to ride (and at a park we didn't know!)

Our favorite ride that we ended up riding twice was Diamondback.  It went up 230 ft and dropped 215 ft and had a speed of 80 mph!  Here's a picture from standing below the first big drop!  It was awesome and we ended up riding it twice.  We would've gotten a picture if I didn't look funny in the first one and the woman's hand in front of me didn't cover the second one - oh well.  
On Saturday night when we got to our hotel in Cincinnati, we went to a nice sushi restaurant down the street that we could walk to (Mr. Sushi).  Then we walked to some more places downtown and got some drinks.   We were at the park for 9 hours on Sunday.  I would like to go back some day because since we didn't know the park too well, we didn't go at it very efficiently.  In addition, one ride was down for a while due to some problems, and some of the rides were down throughout the day for various reasons.  So needless to say, we walked a TON and didn't even get to ride everything we wanted to!  When we got home from the park, we ordered room service for dinner and enjoyed our anniversary cake that had been frozen for a year.  Surprising enough, the cake was delicious!  We still have a lot more that we can enjoy throughout the week.

On the drive back to Memphis, we stopped in Nashville for a late lunch at Bojangles'.  Whenever we get a chance to stop there, we do.  For some odd reason, Memphis does not seem to enjoy Bojangles' as much as Popeye's and Church's chicken - so unfortunately, it's never Bo time.  I drove most of the way home because Tyler had class at 6.

Wow, one year down.  Cannot wait to see what the many years before us bring.  =)

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  1. Beautiful pictures!! congrats on your 1 year anniversary! such a big milestone!