Saturday, July 2, 2011

Last summer break - surreal feeling

Well it's official!  I am enjoying summer vacation!  It's my last summer vacation at that, but still exciting!  Tuesday morning I took my last final in EBM.  All of my finals went well, and I ended up making a B+ and 3 A's  :-D.

We celebrated at Zinnie's on Madison Ave. to cheers to finally being done!!!

Some of the girls from class - interviewed with the girl in the blue shirt :)  still good friends!

Gym buddies on the right.  Having fun at Zinnie's.  They had drink specials for SCO students!

Since it's officially summer, here are our plans!!

We will be driving to Cincinnati, OH to enjoy King's Island theme park!  I haven't been to a theme park in about 4 years, so this will be a ton of fun!  In addition, my aunt got us a deal on a nice hotel.  So we'll be able to stay somewhere decent for an affordable price!

We're going to Florida for my grandmother's 90th birthday celebration! That will be a great time to see my family and get everyone together for a milestone birthday!!

Unfortunately, Tyler has night classes for is auto mechanic school from 6-9pm M-Th, and starts his long-term sub position August 8th, so he won't be able to come home to NC with me when I come home in August.  Hopefully, some of our friends will be able to take trips our direction, since I will be really busy studying once school starts back up at the end of August for me.

Tyler's long-term sub position will run from August to October, so if anyone want to come visit, October would be a good time!

Finally - good news. I got the North Carolina Health Science and Math loan again!!!  I'm so thankful for God's provision.  I will have to practice in NC to pay back my money, but I LOVE North Carolina, and cannot wait to practice in my wonderful home state!  The forgivable loan/scholarship is $13,900 a year towards my funding!  It's very, very helpful!  Now I need to make a trip to SCO's financial aid office to pay back some of the loan money I already accepted before NC knew whether or not they would have funding for this loan.

Until next time, I will be reading (Harry Potter thanks to my friend Keri for letting me borrow the books), relaxing by the pool, and enjoying doing things for myself!

God is so good!  I have so much to thank Him for - a wonderful husband, great friends, forgivable loan money, supportive family, and success beyond measure :)

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