Thursday, May 19, 2011

Starting again with second year classes

Second year classes began yesterday!  We have a short mini-term over the summer where we take 3 classes and a lab.  The 3 classes are Evidence-Based Medicine, Pathology, and Pharmacology.  The lab is a Theory and Methods lab.  Everything is condensed into about 6 weeks of classes!  It will be an intense summer.  I'm not quite ready for it.

Tomorrow (Friday) we don't have classes due to graduation!  Tyler and I are going to drive to Southaven, MS and try to look at a couple of apartments down there, and maybe one or two by school.  We have to let our apartment know by Wednesday whether or not we're moving.  It's going to be a stretch with the few options we have, but if we decide to stay in Cordova, I will let you know.  If we do decide to stay, I have many plans in the works to finish decorating and get to know our neighbors really well.  However, if we don't, we have a TON of packing to do. 

Yesterday was a good mail day!  I got the lunch box I had been waiting for from Lean Cuisine and a new Macy's gift card to replace the one I got for Christmas that got hacked!!  So exciting :)

We also took a trip to LA this past weekend to visit Tyler's brother, Andrew, before he goes off to Alaska in about a week.  We had a great time!  When we got there Friday, we got sushi and then went out to some clubs in Hollywood.  Saturday we spent the day seeing some great sights in the area, then went out again that night.  We got In-N-Out burger for dinner, which I had never had!  It was wonderful.  Sunday, we went to Ruyon where we were able to hike to a high point where you can look out and see all of LA, including the famous Hollywood sign on the mountain!  It was a very cool site for sure!  I also got to do a little scaling/rock climbing on some small rock walls along the trail - first time ever for this :)  Monday, we had to fly home, but I'm glad we picked the flight that we did because James Marsden was on our plane!!  I didn't get any pictures (because I didn't want to disturb him or be "that girl"), but it's still a pretty memorable moment for me!

Funny car parked while we were getting a tour of some famous places... had to take a picture

Santa Monica Pier

Out on Saturday Night

Pretty flower design in the foam of my honey vanilla latte from Urth Cafe, an organic coffee shop Andrew took us to on Saturday morning.  Andrew's coffee had a bird design in the foam!

One of the views from our hike on Runyon

Hollywood sign!  :)  

Finally, I got my hair cut and colored on Tuesday.  Right now it needs to grow out a little bit, but I'm in love with the color and the change!!  I went to the Paul Mitchell School where students get to practice on customers what they've learned in the classroom.  Obviously, it's a risk, but it's REALLY cheap.  They were running a special that day for $5 cuts, so for everything I did, it was only $30!  I've been highlighting my hair since senior year in high school.  Then it was more blond and I just highlighted it for my senior portraits.  I really liked how it gave my hair some definition and continued highlighting it.  Well, when I started being able to tell a big difference when my roots began to grow out, I realized that I probably wasn't that blond anymore - my hair had gotten darker.  So I figured, why not darken my hair?  So I did.  It's now a dark honey blond color.  I don't want to take a picture yet because I got side bangs, and they're WAY too short right now.  I want them to grow out a little, and then I will share :) 

Until next time, it's time to hit the books... again! 

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