Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a few updates

We are staying in Cordova!!  We've spent way too much time looking at other places and NOTHING compares to the place we have now.  Our kitchen is larger than anything I've seen and we have 1312 sq. ft for $850/mo.  Everything closer to school would be a huge down grade in size for a higher price.  Nothing we saw seemed worth the move.  So we're staying :)

We met with Connie today, the lady who is in charge of managing the apartment complex, and she assured us that changes were going to be made.  We gave her a list of things that we wanted done to our place, and things we noticed about the complex in general.  She is going to send someone to fix our kitchen and bathroom floors at the beginning of June, and we're going to shop for some things to finish getting our apartment just the way we like it.  We started decorating in the fall, but I didn't finish everything because (1) we weren't 100% sure of how our finances would look at the end of the school year, and (2) we didn't want to do too much to then have to move it all.  But now that we know we're staying, we're finishing up our "bar" (to be called "Mitchell's Tavern... Hillsborough St. bar pun totally intended),  going to paint the headboard to match the rest of the furniture that I painted back in November, get a free-standing pantry for the kitchen, get a light fixture for the living room, and finish hanging some wall decor.

Another thing we're excited about is Tyler's new way to spend his time in Memphis!  Starting Tuesday, he will officially be a student in Southwest Tennessee Community College's Auto Mechanic Program :-D.  I've NEVER seen him this excited about anything since we moved here.  The classes will take up the entire summer, but, he will have a week off where we're hoping to travel home.  However, please feel free to visit us in Memphis!  His classes will be from 6-9pm at night.  And as long as I can get to the end of June with my mini summer term, I will be able to get stuff done around the apartment for good!

Finally, with staying here, we're looking forward to really getting to know our neighbors.  Our next door neighbors moved in relatively recently and we would like to spend more time with them.  They seem really chill, so I'm sure maybe a few double dates or something would be fun.  Also, there's a dental student who lives below us with his girlfriend.  We're hoping to really get to know them.  They have 2 big dogs and like to spend their time at the local parks, so maybe we could go enjoy a few days at the park with them :-D

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.  I know God has his reason for keeping us in Cordova, I just haven't really figured out why yet.  Maybe because the womens' bible study is run by Mrs. Newman at the Newman's home (Dr. Newman was the teacher for Theory and Methods; his wife runs the FCO bible study for women).  They live in Cordova, so I love that she's only 7 minutes away on Saturday mornings for a home-away-from-home fix.

Well, I'm about to go study.  First 2 tests of the summer term are next week!  One on Wednesday and one on Friday.  I also have a quiz tomorrow and 2 lab practicals the weeks after next!!!  These classes are moving at the speed of light, so I better go!


  1. God definitely does have a plan and will put you where He wants to use you!

  2. Wow...great deal on your apartment. We had about half that space & paid way more! I'm glad you're excited about staying (I hate moving! haha). When do you think y'all will be traveling home this summer? We'll be going to Raleigh around the 4th!