Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthday in another City

So tomorrow is my birthday, and it's really not feeling like it.  With another wave of tests finally completed, I feel so drained.  A part of me is thinking that sleep would be a wonderful present.  However, tomorrow morning is the Vision Walk.  I am really excited about it, and a ton of SCO students go to raise awareness and walk to join the fight against blindness.  It just always seems that there's something to do on your special day.  Last year at this time I was interviewing to be accepted to Southern and now I'm here.  I cannot believe it's been a whole year! 

Tests have been going rather well.  Not the same great grades from undergrad, but the material is way harder and there's no give from professors (aka a curve).  I'm definitely enjoying what I'm learning, but there is a lot of material to keep with.  I'm starting to forget what a "break" really is!

A lot of classmates are going home this weekend, whether it's for their undergrad's homecoming or just to visit friends and family.  It was a great weekend for it since our next test isn't until Thursday.  I kind of wish I had made the effort to go home now, but I still don't think we would be able to afford it or really have as much time as I would like to visit everyone. 

Tomorrow night I'm going with some friends to a dueling piano bar downtown.  It should be fun. :)  One of my friend's fiance, who is here with her, has his birthday on Sunday the 24th.  His dad is coming in to celebrate with him, so we will all be downtown!  

I'm so ready to go back home sometime though.  Although that's practically months away, I cannot wait for it!!  I miss North Carolina so much- especially people's ability to drive better.  Every now and again I will get really home sick.  I like being in TN because this is where SCO is, but I hate the fact that it's 12 hours away from home...

I will let you know how my birthday celebrations go :)  I MISS EVERYONE SO MUCH!

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