Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Eye Ball... because we're that nerdy

Carolina Girls - Best in the World!  3 UNC girls and 3 NC State girls
Yes!  SCO has an Eye Ball, and by that I mean a dance.  We got to dance the night away at a convention center at the  Zoo.  Before the dance, Tyler and I went over to Erinn and Joey's house.  We got a small group of close friends to order some pizza and just chill out together before the dance.  Here are some pictures:

free beer and wine for everyone!

Tyler's been friends with Rebecca for a while, and now she and I are classmates!

First we interviewed together and now we're classmates
Tyler and I also took an earlier day that weekend to look at some apartments closer to school.  We're going to have to take a ton of other details into account and see what we decide because moving is a pain... but it's also a huge pain to drive 35 minutes in unbearable traffic everyday to school and again coming home from school.

Tyler also got us a fish tank yesterday with some extra money that we had.  I cannot wait to get it set up together and have some pretty fish swimming around inside! :)  Everyone in school seems to have a pet, so this is our way since Tyler is allergic to dogs and cats.

Until next time! <3

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